• Sep 22 / 2019
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My fucking Succes online !

Hi Friend I’am Amine Lord From an african contry poor

On my 7 years old i have a chance to hav a big computer in our home ; So I love that i set hour and hour toward pc and i d’ont have any problèm

After i create my first web site 2; 3 ; 4 … it become me too easy then i participate in multiple platform and i study a lot /shopify ; amazon ; python ;marketing ; e-commerce ; create branding ; apps ios and android ;fb ads ;google adwords; bing ads ; pinterest ads ; cpa ; clikbank; html ; css ; mysql …

therefore i get a lot of experience who make me a lot of money on this shet who anyone who bilieve me on the begining so bilieve me

i’ve started poor but now there is a lot of money on my bank accont ; and i now exactly how to promote anything to reach a big numbers *8 figures a day *

i d’ont use any plogin here because i want it simple